My specialty is to help people like you connect with what makes them happy and fulfilled in life, while creating long-lasting transformation.

The A-Z guide to self fulfillment

Better communication

I will be there with you in every step of the process

One on one sessions

During our sessions we will focus on turning pain into gain

Awakened listening

My main priority is to provide a safe space where healing is welcome

exploratory sessions

Together, we will uncover the root of your condition

About the theraphy

Hypnosis is completely natural, safe and relaxing.  You will remain conscious and in complete control throughout the process.  In hypnosis, you will return to childhood memories to help discover the cause and root of an specific problem.  During this time, we will work together to understand where the belief/behavior originated, with the goal of changing it.  

What my clients say

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Griffin Freeman
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Myra Lucretia

Your life is more important than you may believe